Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Music Playlist

A friend pointed out how the songs starting on my blog made him jump, he wasn't expecting it. lol. As another music lover I think he should have been prepared.... :-D I'm finding you're easy to tease....good thing you go along with it.

I had been meaning to adjust it for months but I have forgotten my username and password for the playlist. I gave up trying to figure it out when they sent me a temporary one and I never got it. So I deleted it from this blog.

If I add another I'll set it up so it doesn't automatically play, it would need to be clicked to start. I hope that makes reading my blog more enjoyable.


Michael Rivers said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is about me. HAHA. As a total music lover, I should have been prepared. Of course it was 1am and I was zombie-like as I shuffled through blogs. Plus, I didn't realize how loud my speakers were turned up. HAHA. Yes, I am easy to tease.

Laura said...

Excuses, excuses.


Actually, it made me jump more than once too!

john said...
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