Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Card for Grandpa

This is a card I made for my Grandpa for Father's Day. I'm still learning with cards, for some reason that small size throws me off and most of my cards just don't impress me. This one I didn't think about too much, I just put it together.

I used brads to hold 5 inch circles together, used 2 patterned papers on the base, ribbon and a monogram G from Base Camp (cricut) at 3 inches (3 letters for depth), shadowed, inked and used pop dots for dimension. The tag I stamped and inked. I really like how it looks. Grandpa has poor vision so I wanted to be sure he could see it easily, I think this did the trick.

My Old Friend

I added a playlist tonight to my blog. The first song that plays I picked for my friend Maija. She passed away unexpectedly last fall at the age of 34. This song, My Old Friend, by Tim McGraw makes me think of her. We got so busy in our lives we didn't get together enough. We talked about making plans but we rarely made the time to actually get together. I miss her all the time and wish I could have one more chance to sit down with her to talk, laugh and remininse. Life is too short to neglect our friends.

Until we meet again....


For the last few nights, I've had the worst insomnia. I know better than to try going to bed, listening to DH snore will not help! So I've been staying up, surfing the net. I could be straightening my scrap area or even working on one of my projects, but nope, I'm here, surfing. LOL! I have a retreat coming up in a few weeks and I want to have page kits made so I get more done but at this rate, I'll have 2 ready to go. Oh well, live and learn.

Abby started her ice skating again today. She loves it. I'm seeing us involved in skating and dance for a long, long time! Tomorrow we have a sports sampler program that she's starting. I think it'll be soccer one week, football the next, t-ball the following week. I'm not sure how interested she'll be in "boy" sports. She's so girlie! But I love it.

Since that is first thing in the morning, I need to get myself to bed. I figure if I'm not asleep in 20 minutes, I'll get up again. Otherwise, I'll lay there, thinking, getting mad, thinking. All that does is make it harder to fall asleep. Sure hope tomorrow I have energy for the day, cause it's a busy one!