Sunday, March 29, 2009

Abby's Toddler bed layout

I finally did some scrapping this weekend. I only worked on a few pages. The rest of the time I put together layout kits for the April Swarm.

These photos are from when Abby got her toddler bed. She was ready to be a big girl! She had to load the bed with her animals, that has never stopped, even when it leaves her almost no space to sleep.

I only used some basic Cricut cuts for this one. I was giving my Expression it's first test drive. I'm ashamed to admit how long I've had it and I'm just now using it! I used Plantin Schoolbook for the letters and the swirls are from Accent Essentials. I had to make sure the included carts worked too! I went over the letters with Stickles to make them stand out.

The title I took from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. "This bed is JUST right!"

Project 365 update

I have been trying to keep up with taking photos for the 365 project. I think I've done pretty well, I've only missed a few days. But, I haven't done much else. I haven't sorted the pictures, haven't printed them and haven't kept up with the pages. Maybe this next month I can take a day and get caught up.

This picture is from March 27, 2008. The cat was very comfortable being craddled and poor dad was feeling abused. In this particular photo Abby was trying to feed the cat some popcorn, he was too happy being held to care about food. A true rarity for him!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Decorated Tins

Today I'm putting photos of some of the Provo Craft tins I've decorated in one spot. I'm still searching for pictures of 3 others I've made, I hope I took photos! These are so addicting to make and they are easy. I use Making Memories paint on the top, various ribbons on the handles. I pick papers I like and adhere them with Modge Podge. I also go over the outside with the glue to help give it a protective covering. I use a hot glue gun for the fabric flowers and some of the ribbon.

This first tin I made for a swap on the Cricut MB. I filled it with scrapping goodies that were good for spring and items related to things the recipient scrapped. I also put her favorite Bible verse on it for personalization. Unfortunately, she is no longer on the Cricut MB and we have lost touch. But I still had fun making it for her.

This tin was part of another swap on the Cricut MB for the holidays. It's one of the smaller tins and was only a portion of the items in the swap.

This tin is my favorite that I've made. I think I used Base Camp for the tags and Alphalicious for the letters. The Flowers might be from George. I didn't write down what cartridges I used, I won't make that mistake again! This tin was a Christmas gift for my niece. I used her favorite colors, purple and pink. She had recently turned 11 and was starting to get into beauty items. I filled it full of items for nail care. She really liked it, even showing it off to her dad.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My poor neglected scrapbooks......

They are crying as I sit here. They are lonely, begging for more pages to be stamped, trimmed, embellished and adorned. Sigh. It's been such a busy tax season for me. The numbers and papers are taking all the creative energy from me. I haven't made a page in months. I haven't attempted a card in so long I may have forgotten how.

Will my scrapping supplies take revenge on me? Will they work properly when I sit to use them or will they forever hold a grudge?

Dare I find out?