Sunday, January 11, 2009

Name tag contest....what to do....

Plans are being made for a Swarm in April. I had lots of fun at the one last year and so far some people are returning so that's good. I'll be heading up the Name tag contest. Hmmmm.....I have to admit, I'm not sure what to do. Tomorrow I'll do some online research, get ideas. One good starting rule might be, they must have at least one piece cut from the Cricut on the tag. It is a Cricut Swarm afterall! Let the bugs unite!


Michael Rivers said...

What is a Swarm? I'm guessing this is a scrapbook term I need to learn. Good luck with the nametag contest!!

Laura said...

Come join in for a crop sometime, I'll get you knowing all the lingo!

A swarm is a gathering,a crop, of people who own the Cricut, or the Bug. We spend hours talking and crafting. It's part of the Cricut MB, we get a number and are entered into a drawing for prizes. Tons of fun!